Financing Your Education: Cost of Attendance


When applying to nursing school, in addition to finding programs you are passionate about, you should also be considering how to finance your education. An important part of this is finding out your Cost of Attendance.

What is Cost of Attendance?

Cost of Attendance (COA) is the total cost for one year of college and is dependent on a wide variety of variables including:

Depending on your situation, other expenses you may need to factor in include:

How Can I Lower My Cost of Attendance?

As a student the most important thing you can do to affect your COA is create a budget and live within that budget. You will have limited control over school tuition, but you will likely have a greater amount of control over factors such as room and board. Take the time to thoroughly research resources that may help lower your cost of attendance. Don’t hesitate to contact your school’s financial aid office and ask about opportunities for reducing costs. They may have payment schedules, scholarships, or other programs to assist you.

Things you can do to affect your COA:

In conclusion, cost of attendance is extremely variable and dependent on a host of factors. Your cost of attendance may not be the same year over year. Financing your education is a big task, but you do have some control over your educational expenses. Make sure to do your research and explore all the options available to you.

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