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Benefits to Applicants
  • Streamlines the research of hundreds of nursing programs, allowing applicants to find the most suitable options
  • Simplifies the organization of application materials in one convenient location
  • Provides access to the NursingCAS service team, which is dedicated to responding to applicant phone calls, emails and chat


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Value of a CAS

Empower your institution and prospective nurses with NursingCAS. We help facilitate faster and more effective processing of applications, extend schools’ admissions staff with a dedicated support team that minimizes administrative tasks, and enable schools to market program offerings and open seats to top-tier candidates. NursingCAS offers a customizable application that can include program-specific admissions requirements, as well as access to strategic admissions data and on-demand customizable reports.

Analytics by Liaison is a Tableau-based dashboard that pulls data from NursingCAS and allows programs to track year-over-year data points with accompanying infographics. With Analytics, data becomes useful information that you can use to manage strategic initiatives and to share with some of the key stakeholders.

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Unlock the future of nursing admissions with NursingCAS. Streamline your process, reach top-tier candidates, and revolutionize your recruitment efforts.

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Steps to Joining NursingCAS

Step 1: Schedule a discovery meeting with NursingCAS staff
Step 2: Submit the NursingCAS Participation Agreement
Step 3: Complete an onboarding call with NursingCAS staff
Step 4: Complete program setup
Step 5: Inform applicants about NursingCAS
Step 6: Attend training via webinars, on-demand courses, and more!