Your school conducts important work to shape the future of nursing by selecting the best candidates to enroll in your program, let NursingCAS be a vital asset to help manage your selection process.

AACN’s NursingCAS is the Centralized Application Service for accredited nursing programs. NursingCAS is a cloud-based system that provides colleges with a robust admissions platform to efficiently manage data-driven application reviews. Through NursingCAS, students can easily research and apply to nursing programs at participating schools nationwide at the doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degree level with one, online application.

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Have you considered how much time and money your staff spends on processing applications to your schools’ nursing programs each admissions cycle?

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Schools that participate in NursingCAS have access to a larger pool of applicants and receive online tools and support services to help manage the administrative tasks faced by admissions and nursing staff. Even though enrollment and applications to nursing schools have increased significantly, many schools report having room to accommodate additional students each year. NursingCAS seeks to direct students looking to gain entry into nursing school to open seats at participating programs. A recording of a NursingCAS Demo is now available for viewing on-demand.

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I like NursingCAS very much. I have, in fact, called it "manna from heaven". Previously, I spent hours upon hours calculating GPAs. NursingCAS has made that process immeasurably more efficient.
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NursingCAS staff are available to meet with prospective and participating schools virtually or in-person. We also host Webinars, regional events, conference sessions and open houses.

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