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Welcome to the NursingCAS Dispatch – a monthly newsletter intended to keep you up to date with current happenings at NursingCAS. The newsletter will feature:

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User Updates

Happy New Cycle!
The NursingCAS 2019-2020 application cycle will launch August 15. Please make sure you log into the Configuration Portal and submit your programs for review.
Staff Updates
Stephanie Wurth appointed as new Director of NursingCAS

AACN is very pleased to announce that Stephanie Wurth has accepted the Director of Strategic Partnerships position effective August 19.  Stephanie’s experience includes managing several centralized application services, including at AACOM and PAEA, as well serving as Director of Admissions at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. She is a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.  Her most recent experience is as a Senior Director, Member Experience with the Physician Assistant Education Association where she was responsible for the application service, CASPA. Please join us in welcoming her to NursingCAS!

By the Numbers

To date, 34 schools registered for our Discover Nursing Virtual Fair! Are you one of them? If not, sign up here. The Fair is September 19, 2019 from 9am – 9pm. Get more information here.

The Discover Nursing Virtual Fair is a month away! Your University  is invited to leverage the power of technology to reach more prospective students and applicants interested in graduate level and second degree nursing programs on September 19, 2019 during the Virtual Recruitment Fair.

  • Communicate with applicants both domestically and internationally
  • Utilize multimedia broadcasting and presentation features
  • Interact live with prospective applicants in your own chat room (group and private)
  • Reach sought-after applicants in this unique cost-effective way
  • Zero travel required
Don’t miss this great opportunity to recruit students to your prestigious institution.

Social Beat

This is what a medical mission in Cambodia is like

How many times have you gotten off work after a busy day and felt like you were just another cog in the big wheel of healthcare? Find out what it’s like to embark on a medical mission and how nursing is having a global impact in areas of great need.

They breathe, blink, give birth. Life-like dolls help train Idaho nurses, combat shortage.

Boise State University’s simulation center looks like a traditional hospital floor, with a nurse’s station, meeting rooms and patients in beds. But the patients in these beds are not human. In each room is a plastic mannequin with life-like features used to train future nursing students.

Nurses reveal the best parts about their job, from the steady pay to helping save lives

Helping save lives makes coming into work every day worth it. Though nursing can be grueling work at times, helping patients feel better and developing close bonds with those under your care can make nursing careers truly rewarding.

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