Help with References


References are critical to the review of your application. To avoid processing delays, please review the directions to be certain the information you submit is complete and accurate. Before you enter your reference information in this section, it is suggested you contact the individuals to confirm they will author your reference and to find out their preferred email address.

Designate your references early in the application process. We strongly encourage you to enter your reference information first to expedite their receipt of the reference request. Because NursingCAS reference requests may be caught by spam filters, applicants are encouraged to contact their reference to ask them to allow their email systems to “permit” the NursingCAS reference mail address:

References are configured by the school and can vary depending on the program you select. If References are required or requested (note: they will be marked as “optional”), you will see an “References” tab on the Program’s Homepage in the “Program Materials” section. To create a Reference Request, go to the Supporting Materials, and click References. If you do not see an References tab then you are not required to submit them via NursingCAS.


You’ll see this button:




Once you have saved the request form for your References, they will be notified via email that you requested their reference. They will need to follow the directions in the email to create an account and fill out the required information. If at any time they have difficulty, please have them send an email to that includes their issue and your applicant ID number.

You are able to review the status of your References by going to the “Supporting Information” section of your application and clicking on References.


Note: it is not necessary to wait until your References have responded to submit your application.

Below is an example of the 4 different statuses under which your References may appear:


Status Definitions: