NursingCAS Application Coupon Codes (2019-2020)


NursingCAS Application Coupon Codes are for universities/colleges only. Students should apply directly in NursingCAS for the same price. More information on NursingCAS fees is available. 

NursingCAS Application Coupon Codes are application fee discounts that participating NursingCAS colleges and schools can use to pay an applicant’s initial fee. Coupon codes are available for undergraduate and graduate programs. To purchase NursingCAS coupon codes, visit the AACN store:

Every coupon code is unique and can only be redeemed once. A coupon code purchased in the 2019-2020 application cycle will expire on the cycle close date, January 31, 2021, and can only be used for the 2019-20 cycle. Coupon codes are not refundable if they are unused or expire. Unused coupon codes will not carry forward to the next cycle. Additional coupon codes can be ordered during the cycle, so if you order a set number and run out you can request another batch. AACN cannot guarantee that a student will select to utilize the fee waiver for your program. Coupon codes for the 2020-21 cycle will become available August 13, 2020.

After submission of payment, you will receive an email confirmation with a receipt of your purchase. Purchased coupon codes will be emailed to the purchaser within 2 business days from the date they are requested.

Questions about coupon codes should be directed to the NursingCAS Team at

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. If a school gives an applicant a coupon code, could the applicant use the code to apply to another institution?

Coupon codes waive the application fee within NursingCAS, and cannot be tied to any specific program. Therefore, yes, an applicant could use the code to apply to another institution. We advise using coupon codes for applicants that you have a strong interest in recruiting and state explicitly the code should be used when they submit their NursingCAS application to your institution.

2. What information should be given to an applicant when providing a coupon code?

When you offer an applicant a coupon code, share the following instructions with them:

3. Can coupon codes be applied after a student has submitted the application and paid the NursingCAS application fee?

No. If an applicant has already submitted her application and paid the NursingCAS application fee to apply to your institution, then the coupon code cannot be retroactively applied. NursingCAS cannot issue fee refunds to applicants.

4. Can coupon codes be applied to applicants who were also approved for a NursingCAS fee waiver?

Yes, applicants who are granted a NursingCAS fee waiver are also eligible to use coupon codes if the total coupon amount applied is equal to or less than the total application fee. Applicants who receive a NursingCAS fee waiver and a coupon code would need to apply to at least two programs to be eligible for both programs.