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Dispatch-banner.png?r=1525292007895April 2022

The NursingCAS Dispatch is a monthly newsletter intended to keep you up to date with current happenings at NursingCAS. The newsletter will feature:

  • NursingCAS Know-How, an in-depth examination of a NursingCAS feature.
  • NursingCAS by the Numbers, a metric to showcase application statistics and other relevant data.
  • User Updates to keep you in the loop, so you can keep your team and applicants in the loop.
  • Social Beat, which will feature nursing and admissions news from around the web.


NursingCAS Overview Webinar: April 12, 1pm EST

Do you have new faculty or staff that would like an overview of NursingCAS? Encourage them to join AACN and Liaison International for a live demonstration on Tuesday, April 12 at 1pm. Learn how the free, cloud-based NursingCAS admissions platform and student application system enables colleges to implement a successful, holistic admissions review process. Register today!

Exporting Data from WebAdMIT

WebAdMIT allows you to create a customized data file containing only the applicant data you need to import into your Student Information System (SIS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Check out the video on advanced features in the Export Manager.


Mapping NursingCAS Applicant Data to WebAdMIT

Data from NursingCAS applications are mapped onto WebAdMIT. Review this guide to learn how the CAS application sections link to WebAdMIT. Learn how the quadrants, or sections, of the CAS application are mapped to the applicant details in WebAdMIT. We highly recommend this guide for new users.


Usage Policy Reminder

As a reminder, all NursingCAS users agreed to the NursingCAS Usage Policy. Please remember that full access to In Progress applicant data is viewable to users in WebAdMIT. It is permissible to export the NursingCAS applicant data into your internal university systems for the purpose of recruitment efforts and admissions workflow processes ONLY. NursingCAS prohibits any college or university from making an offer to an applicant before they have submitted their application through NursingCAS. Applicants generated to your program via NursingCAS are required to submit their application via NursingCAS should they wish to be considered for admission. The NursingCAS staff reserves the right to deactivate your listing on the application, restrict your access to the system, and withdraw your school from participation should we find that you are in violation of this usage agreement.


Need WebAdMIT Help?

The WebAdMIT client support specialist team is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST, to assist with questions about WebAdMIT features. The team can be reached at 857-304-2020 or webadmitsupport@liaisonedu.comTraining is also available via webinars, on-demand courses, and the Liaison Academy. Please view the WebAdMIT Help Center for further information.


The 2020 –21 Cycle closed on January 31, 2022, and generated over 56,000 applicants, a decrease of 8% from the 2019-20 cycle. NursingCAS and most other healthcare CAS systems experienced a significant spike in applications at the start of COVID. This anomaly in applications has now passed, and nursing and other healthcare professions have returned to pre-pandemic application levels.

NursingCAS 2020-21 Cycle Data Highlights


This section provides monthly updates on new features and enhancements available within the Applicant Portal, Configuration Portal, WebAdMIT, and information on upcoming training opportunities. 

WebAdMIT Enhancements

Spring 2022 Shared Lookup Tables Updates

Please review the Shared Lookup Table Updates for Spring 2022. If you are exporting data into a campus system, work with your IT team to determine if updates need to be made. If your school created a “crosswalk” from the WebAdMIT data to the local data in your campus system’s Student Information System (SIS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, it might need to be updated with the newly added options.

Many fields within the NursingCAS application have predefined answer values that applicants can select from; for example, the Country and County fields have predefined answer values. These values are housed in shared “lookup tables” viewable in the NursingCAS Customer Export Layout (CEL). See the Shared Lookup Table Updates for Spring 2022 for more information.


Text Authorization, Phone Type, and Notes Data Added to Partial View Applicant Exports

If your CAS restricts you to a partial view based on application statuses, you can access pre-configured exports under the Applicants panel on the Dashboard. We added several fields to the pre-configured export, including Text Authorization, Preferred Phone Number Type, Alternate Phone Type, and Notes.

This enhancement allows you to easily identify applicants who agreed to be contacted via phone and send targeted text campaigns to encourage applicants to complete and submit their applications to your program. See the WebAdMIT Release Notes for further details.


Application Portal Enhancements

Applicant Age Confirmation

A new confirmation window that automatically calculates an applicant’s age will now appear once an applicant has entered their date of birth. This enhancement provides an additional point of review for applicants to confirm that their entered age is correct.


Configuration Portal Enhancements

Export Program Configuration Data

You can now export your programs’ configuration data using the Export button on the Organization Details section of the Configuration Portal. The file includes worksheets for each of your configuration options. For example, if your CAS offers the Documents feature, a Documents worksheet will be listed with your program’s applicable data included. Additionally, the file contains data for all programs, including those in the Draft, In Review, Approved, and Closed statuses. This enhancement allows you to review and manage program configurations in an easy-to-read format. Note that this enhancement is only available to admissions users.


Strengthening Recruitment and Enrollment Strategies for the Long Haul

Discover four approaches that can help reverse enrollment slides and prop up recruitment in higher education.

Students Approach Admissions Strategically and Practically

Current admissions and enrollment decision making involves common-sense thinking on location, price, and flexibility throughout the process.

Mix-and-Match Scheduling

Students mix online and on-site modalities, even if federal data sets assume otherwise.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Wurth, AACN’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, at