Change to URL for NursingCAS Required


UPDATE REQUIRED: New NursingCAS Applicant Webpage Link: Update to Program Websites Required (ASAP)

As the newly extended 2019-20 NursingCAS cycle will overlap with the 2020-21 NursingCAS cycle for 5 months, AACN is providing guidance and options to ensure that students can access your programs in the correct cycle. All schools are encouraged to take action and update their website links by August 12 (or as soon as possible thereafter) with one of three options. Schools are still able to make changes after August 12. If programs do not update website links as listed below, applicants will not be able to access your new cycle from your website.

The new cycle will launch on August 13, 2020. Please work with your marketing and web teams to update all links which direct students to the NursingCAS application. Programs should replace current links with one of the below options anywhere on your institutional website where students will click “Apply Now” for your nursing programs.

There are 3 options:

  1. New Multi-Cycle NursingCAS Landing Page (Preferred):
    • A new website landing page has been created to direct students to the appropriate cycle. Replace all webpage links on your college sites to direct students to We have created this page to help students navigate the overlapping cycles as it will direct them to select the term for which they seek to matriculate and the appropriate cycle application. This URL will not change from year to year and, once set, will not require maintenance or updates.
  2. Deep Link:
    • As a new feature, programs can take advantage of using Deep Links beginning with the 2020-21 Cycle (launches August 13). Deep Links allow a school to provide applicants with a link directly to the Applicant Portal’s Add Program page with your programs pre-filtered. This update has been requested by numerous programs and we are excited to offer this feature. Additional information is available on working with Deep Links. If you choose this option, replace all webpage links on your college sites to direct students to your personalized Deep Link for the 2020-21 cycle only. Deep Links must be updated annually. If your program falls outside of the standard cycle dates (e.g. some Nurse Anesthesia programs), we recommend you consider this option. (NOTE: Deep links cannot be used for the 2019-20 cycle currently in progress as this feature is only available for the 2020-21 cycle forward.)
    • Updated Deep Link Information as of 8/3/20: The personalized Deep Link URL will not become available in your Production Configuration Portal (WebAdMIT) until the cycle officially launches on August 13. The Deep Link URL previously posted in the PreLaunch environment only worked in the test environment and has therefore been removed. If you choose to incorporate a Deep Link, copy/paste the Deep Link URL on August 13 by following the Help Center instructions. The Production Configuration Portal is housed within the standard WebAdMIT portal your program can use for the rest of the cycle.
  3. Present the 2 URLs for Each Overlapping Cycle:
    • In place of a single link, programs can choose to provide a direct link to the 2019-20 cycle and an additional direct link to the 2020-21 cycle. NOTE: If your program falls outside of the standard cycle dates (e.g. some Nurse Anesthesia programs), we recommend you consider this option to provide a link to the specific cycle your program is utilizing. If your program chooses this option, you must update both links annually.

Watch the recording of the NursingCAS 2020-21 Enhancements Webinar to learn more about this change and other new features for the upcoming NursingCAS cycle.

If you have questions, please contact Karen Jacobs, NursingCAS Account Manager, or Stephanie Wurth, AACN’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.