All schools are encouraged to update their website links by August 12 (or as soon as possible thereafter) with one of three options.
The enclosed infographic shows cycle dates and matriculation terms for 2019-20 and 2020-21 NursingCAS cycles.
Outlines steps to completing & submitting program configurations for the 2020-21 NursingCAS cycle.
NursingCAS Application Coupon Codes are application fee discounts that participating NursingCAS colleges and schools can use to pay an applicant’s initial fee.
This is a quick set of instructions for viewing applicants if you do not see them in WebAdMIT
Analytics by Liaison is a new and free tool for schools who use NursingCAS as their exclusive application.
Outlines the Usage Policy for In Progress Applicant data.
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Participating schools can partner with Echo-Targeting to promote your program to prospective nursing students.
Learn about the benefits NursingCAS can offer to schools, applicants, and health profession advisors
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Download a PDF version of the application.
Find who you need when you need them.
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Use this Dashboard to add Applicant Newsletter content, add an admissions event, or submit an idea.
Use the sandbox to test set-up, applicant data exports, and to train users
View past versions of the NursingCAS Dispatch (user newsletter)
NursingCAS takes data security seriously, read this overview for details.
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This tool is intended to help programs create or improve upon their recruitment plan
See how you can implement cost savings with NursingCAS
A helpful list of resources to assist with your admissions process
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A comprehensive resource for reference writers.
See how implementing NursingCAS helped Schreiner University to close the gap between open seats and qualified applicants
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View Liaison's API documentation in Github
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A WebAdMIT data dictionary to assist with data exports.
Integrate NursingCAS data with your internal systems
Access Dr. William Sedlacek's online publications on bias and noncognitive assessment.
Learn how to extend your program's deadline using the CAS Configuration Portal
How to order background checks through WebAdMIT via CastleBranch.
All data and documents can be downloaded and imported from NursingCAS into a school’s internal system.
Helpful instructions for collecting applicant SSNs securely
NursingCAS users can integrate their student background check screening process with CastleBranch in WebAdMIT.
Learn how to filter out In Progress applicants from lists, exports, and reports.
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This list will assist with your data integration efforts
How the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio moved to paperless admissions with NursingCAS.
Simplify working with application materials outside of WebAdMIT with the PDF Manager
NursingCAS takes data security seriously. Learn about our processes for keeping applicant data safe
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In depth instructions to learn how to use WebAdMIT, the admissions software for NursingCAS
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We know that training is a commitment of your time and resources, so we offer several options to learn WebAdMIT
Details regarding NursingCAS and federal accessibility standards
Outlines the Usage Policy for In Progress Applicant data
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Holistic review is a university admissions strategy that assesses an applicant’s unique experiences alongside traditional measures of academic achievement.
Use this form to start receiving applicant GRE scores directly through NursingCAS
Get the background information you need on data integration with NursingCAS.
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See how much you can save with the NursingCAS Cost Savings Calculator
Learn how NursingCAS and Liaison keep your information safe
Read the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) statement regarding secured and verified PDF transcripts.