How to Extend a Program Deadline


Log into WebAdMIT at

Under the Management Menu on the left hand side click on “CAS Configuration Portal.”

That will open up a new browser window and will take you into the Configuration Portal where you can change the deadlines for any of your programs.

Click on “NURSINGCAS.”

Then select “NURSINGCAS 2017-2018 CYCLE.”

Then click on your school name.

Your list of programs will appear.

Hover over the program you want to edit and click on “Details.”

That will bring you to the program’s information, scroll down to the bottom and click on “edit.”

That will bring you to the page where you can edit the Deadline date, click on the deadline date field and a calendar picker will pop-up that will allow you to pick your new deadline date. Once you have selected the new deadline date. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Once you hit save, that will bring you back to the details page for that program and from there if you would like to edit other program deadlines then either click on the “View Programs” option at the top of the page or your school name at the left of the page and repeat the steps above.