NursingCAS Exclusivity Requirement


AACN’s NursingCAS Exclusivity Requirement is in effect starting with the 2023-2024 cycle, which launches August 10, 2023. This policy allows AACN to continue to deliver the robust services and features offered to participating schools through this no-cost platform.

As defined, the exclusivity requirement stipulates that for all programs included in NursingCAS, all initial applications to those programs must be submitted through NursingCAS. Schools may not offer the option to submit an institutional application for the same program-seeking applicants through NursingCAS. However, schools may choose to ask students to submit a second, supplemental application in addition to the NursingCAS application.

Example: If your DNP program is listed in NursingCAS, all DNP applications must come through NursingCAS. The same school, however, could opt to process all BSN applications through a separate application process.

To eliminate a second, supplemental application, schools can utilize Liaison’s integration resources to lessen the application burden for students. Integration into university systems is supported through data integration tools, which streamline the experience for students and programs. If additional IT support is needed on your campus for this project, the Liaison International integration team can provide professional services to complete this task. Email for further information on these services.

AACN encourages all schools to utilize best admission practices, which includes collecting all applications through the same process for standardization, fairness, accreditation, and accurate data collection. The NursingCAS staff reserves the right to deactivate your listing on the application, restrict your access to the system, and withdraw your school from participation should we find that you are in violation of this Exclusivity Requirement.