Recordings Now Available: NursingCAS and EMP Webinars Oct. 21-30, 2020


The American Association of Colleges of Nursing is excited to offer the below webinars as part of the Academic Nursing Leadership Conference. The registration for the events is now closed, and the webinar recordings (NursingCAS Demo and Enrollment Marketing to Drive Nursing Applications and Yield Students) are now available and linked in the descriptions below.

AACN’s NursingCAS Demo

Join this webinar to learn about AACN’s Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS). NursingCAS provides colleges a FREE admissions platform to efficiently manage data-driven application reviews in a cloud-based software. Learn why 290 colleges of nursing and 53,000 student applicants used NursingCAS last year to manage their nursing school applications. Contact or for details. Watch Recording Now.

Kira Talent Webinar (Kira Talent is the world’s only holistic admissions solution for higher education)

Join Kira Talent to learn about their virtual admissions interview software and how you can now combine Kira and Liaison’s Centralized Application Service for a more streamlined admissions process (Kira is now integrated with NursingCAS!). Kira provides timed video and written assessments which can be evaluated by multiple reviewers at your college. Learn more about how this software can help you implement a holistic and remote interview process. Contact Kira Talent or Liaison International for contract or integration details, or

Enrollment Marketing to Drive Nursing Applications and Yield Students

Join this webinar to learn about Liaison’s enrollment marketing services offering direct integration to NursingCAS. Featuring personalized marketing campaigns across all stages and full CRM capabilities to schools who need it, Liaison stands ready to help your school admit and enroll students more successfully by developing and launching effective communications across the student’s lifecycle. Contact EMP for contract details, or Watch Recording Now.