Viewing Applicants to Programs in WebAdMIT


If you have an open program on the NursingCAS application but you do not see applicants for that program in WebAdMIT, follow the instructions below to turn on their view in WebAdMIT.

Log into WebAdMIT at

When logged in click on “Account” (located in the upper right-hand corner)

Then click on “Edit My Account.”

Scroll down to “Program Assignments.”

Check the box next to the programs you wish to view and hit “Submit.”

You can also check off any old programs you no longer wish to view. Note: checking them off from view will NOT delete any applicant data, it just hides it. If you do not see any programs to check off then please contact Karen Jacobs, Liaison’s VP of Account Management and NursingCAS Manager, or Joe Clark, Liaison’s Client Success Manager so they can assist you with your program configuration.